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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 28, 2016 11:45pm-12:01am GMT

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do first athlete, sports star to do that. they set their goals, they achieve them and then they go and enjoy. extraordinary achievement, really, all of those metals, tour de france, and as you say slightly coloured by the various allegations, but he said those steroid injections we re but he said those steroid injections were because of his hayfever. he was found to have done nothing wrong. we don't know the data on how many other people get these, or how many of these dispensations they get. yes, one has to keep that in mind, on the basis of the information we received, there was no reason to believe he had done anything wrong. so, if it shows, maybe we don't know if he should be published, there would be no semblance of impropriety. ever since the age of 12 he said he knew he wanted to be an olympic champion and that is what he became, so congratulations. ok, and thank you to both of you, thanks for being with us once again. coming up next it's sportsday. will
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hello and welcome to sportsday, with me, tim hague. coming up tonight: wiggins makes his way towards the exit. after a record—breaking career, he steps away from cycling. spurs are spurred on by their midfield man dele alli. he scores twice to win 4—1 at southampton. and celtic extend their lead at the top of the scottish premiership, after rangers draw with stjohnstone. good evening.
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britain's most decorated olympian and tour de france winner, sir bradley wiggins, has retired from cycling. in a statement this afternoon, he said he had been lucky enough to live a dream from a sport he fell in love with when he was 12. while the announcement ended a stunning career, which brought the briton multiple honours, wiggins has recently faced repeated questions about medical treatments he received when in training. our sports news correspondent richard conway reports. on the road, and on the track, sir bradley wiggins dominated his sport like few others. gold—medallist and olympic champion, bradley wiggins! he is the uk's most decorated olympian, winning eight medals over 16 years. in 2012, he became the first briton to claim the tour de france title, achievements which took him on a path to the palace. but, after so much success over the years, sir bradley wiggins' remarkable career has
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finally rolled to a halt. saying he has fulfilled all his dreams and aspirations. when you are out there, you always wa nt to when you are out there, you always want to carry on. i always wanted to go out on top, it has been an incredible year. wiggins kindled his love of cycling at his local club in south london. at the age of 12, he knew what he wanted to achieve, telling his teachers that one day he would be olympic champion. he delivered on that promise, winning his first gold at the 2004 athens games. all at a time when british cycling success was far from the norm. and his personality, and mod culture, helped him
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to transcend and popularise the sport with cycling officials praising him and encouraging the public to get on their bikes. his retirement comes at a time of heightened scrutiny into his career, though. earlier this year russian hackers revealed wiggins had been given powerful steroid injections before three key races, including his 2012 tour de france win. this substance involved is banned under normal circumstances, as it can be performance—enhancing. but wiggins legally and legitimately applied for a medical exemption, he says, to treat hayfever. this wasn't about trying to find a way to gain an unfair advantage, this was about putting ourselves on a level playing field in order to compete at the highest level. one of britain's brightest sporting careers is now at an end. but it was one that was coloured throughout by gold and yellow. in the premier league, dele alli's double helped tottenham to a convincing 4—1 win at southampton tonight. the victory keeps spurs fifth, ten points behind leaders chelsea. in what was an eventful evening at st mary's, we saw a red card, a missed penalty, and those five goals, as adam wild reports.
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it is the time of year for visiting old friends. pochettino bringing his spurs side back to his old club. but their travels have been difficult of late, and here, against southampton, things seemed no different. behind after barely a minute through virgil van dijk. not such a happy return so far. in fact it may well have been worse had nathan redmond had just a little more luck. but this was not his night, nor was it southampton‘s. dele alli with the equaliser, as the visitors finally began to make themselves feel at home. level at themselves feel at home. level at the break, it wouldn't stay that way for long, kane levelling with this. the tally he really should have added to. redmond's fail on dele alli cost him a penalty and a red card. son heung—min did eventually
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get the third, before dele alli completed the perfect comeback. and for manager pochettino, the perfect welcome back. after yesterday and before yesterday, the top sides are all winning the games, and for us it is important, still fighting. we are in a good position, and i think we are ina good a good position, and i think we are in a good position to do well in the second part of the season. so that win doesn't do anything for the league positions, but spurs are on the heels of arsenal, in fourth, with the same goal difference. southampton remain eighth. in the scottish premiership, rangers fell further behind leaders celtic as they were held to a 1—1 draw at stjohnstone. the visitors dominated early on, and took the lead through barrie mckay, after the st johnstone keeper could only parry that shot.
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but that lead was soon undone in a pretty ugly manner, as rob kiernan‘s under—hit back pass was intercepted by steven maclean to level. so rangers failed to keep up with runaway leaders celtic. the reigning champions beat ross county 2—0, and have a 16—point advantage at the top. the two other games in the scottish premiership saw motherwell beat bottom side inverness 2—1, while partick thistle beat dundee 2—0. so here's what it has done for the table. celtic, with that 16—point lead at the top, ahead of rangers. and the old firm derby takes place on new year's eve, so there is a chance they could lead by 19 points heading into 2017. looking ominous — unless you're a celtic fan, of course. the former wales and manchester united captain ryan giggs and the current wales manager, chris coleman, are among the favourites for the vacant job at swansea city. the premier league side sacked
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bob bradley last night, afterjust 85 days in charge. here is nick palit with more. despite making history when he was appointed in october as the first american to manage in the premier league, under bob bradley's tenure, the swans have had a dire record. they have won just two out of 11 games, and conceded 29 goals. after another humiliating defeat to west ham here on boxing day, fans were chanting for bradley to be sacked, with half the premier league season remaining. last night, the swans did just that. in a statement, chairman hquenkins said, with the club going through such a tough time, they would have to try and find the answers and get ourselves out of trouble. bradley himself believes the contentious way the new american owners took over control of the club, angering some supporters, did not help his situation. the way things were done left a bad taste. in that regard, i knew i was going to be caught
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between a rock and a hard place. but, in life, you've got to be willing to take chances and go for it. at the liberty stadium fan shop, there was approval for his sacking. i think they've done the right thing. although he's a nice guy, and this and that, but i think he's a bit out of his depth. it was about time he left. he doesn't know enough about, you know, football in this country, i don't think. one early favourite to take over is ryan giggs, the former wales and manchester united captain, who missed out to bradley after he was interviewed for the job earlier in the season. the question would be whether ryan giggs wanted the job, having really, knowing that he was second choice after bradley originally. that said, chances of premier league management are few and far between. other names in the frame are other out—of—work managers, among them alan pardew,
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who was recently sacked by crystal palace, one of the swans‘ relegation rivals, 42—year—old gary rowett was birmingham manager until earlier this month, but impressed many with what he did at birmingham. and nigel pearson successfully kept leicester in the premier league two seasons ago, when they were in similar circumstances to swansea city now. and then there is wales manager chris coleman, a local boy who used to play for the swans. his stock is high after leading wales to the semifinals of euro 16. whoever takes over the liberty stadium will inherit a side with just three wins all season, the worst defence in the premier league, and only one off the bottom of the table on goal difference. you have got to replace quality with quality, and i don't think they've done that. the january window will be absolutely crucial to them, to stay in it. coaches alan curtis and paul williams will be in temporary charge for the visit of bournemouth on new year's eve. that's all from sportsday, with me, tim hague. thanks for watching. well, the advice this evening is to
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ta ke well, the advice this evening is to take it steady if you are going to be an early—morning traveller. there's lots of thick fog out there right now. the temperatures are dropping as well. widespread frost across the country so the combination of both means freezing fog, and that means that not only is the visibility poor, but the roads are slippery. so a really nasty combination for morning travellers. the fog is going to be quite extensive. it is not necessarily going to be uniform everywhere. we will have pockets of thick fog and some clearer weather. this is what it looks like around eight a.m.. so these westernmost parts of the country, the tip of cornwall, pembrokeshire, eyre peninsula, probably fog free but inland almost fog free, difficult to say where and how thick but be prepared for those nasty conditions. for northern ireland, the south and the north of scotland, it is a little bit too much wind for any fog to form. this
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fog, you can see the extent of it across much of england, maybe not in the far north of england, so maybe newcastle should be just about, i think, fog free. the temperatures on thursday, well, the tropical spots tomorrow will be in stornoway. 11 celsius. but the most of us you can see more like four to six degrees. this area here is where the fog may linger into the afternoon, and this time of year, where it lingers, it stays horrible and cold all day. we are talking about temperatures in some areas no higher than 0dc. quite a change to that mild weather we had over christmas. this is the following night, thursday night into friday. weather fronts approaching, the breeze picking up, that means we are not going to see as much fog into friday. there could be some early on friday in the extreme south—east and east anglia where the winds are still light but on friday, the wind picking up, some cloud and
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drizzle in the north, that will turn to rainfor drizzle in the north, that will turn to rain for new year's eve. so soggy and to 2016 across northern parts of the country. the south just about stays dry, i think through midnight. new year's day itself, we will see a cold front sweeping the uk. a lot of blue here, these arrows coming in all the way from the north, pretty much from the arctic. it will not be desperately cold but it will be on the nippy side. so we end the year and start the new year with a bit of and start the new year with a bit of a mini cold blast, but nothing to arctic, we don't think, at this stage. this is bbc world news. our top stories: us frustration and anger with israel. secretary of statejohn kerry sets out his reason for the lack of a middle east peace deal. we cannot properly defend and protect israel if we allow a viable two—state solution to be destroyed before our owned eyes. that is the
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bottom line. israel's prime minister hit back, saying kerry's speech was biased against his country. secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians against the jewish state for nearly a century. david reynolds is taken to hospitaljust a day after the death of her daughter, star wars actress carrie fisher. and
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